Atomic-Beam Diffraction as a Method for Studying Two-Dimensional Solids

  • S. Iannotta
Conference paper
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Two-dimensional adsorbed phases have been the object of very active investigation since their first experimental observation [1]. Several different theories have been developed which are capable of quantitative predictions; meanwhile new experimental techniques have been produced to check them. This probably has been made possible by two favorable conditions. On one hand, two-dimensional systems (or, more correctly, quasi-two dimensional) are somewhat easier to visualize and to treat theoretically than the three-dimensional ones: the geometry is simpler, the numerical computations are easier and fewer particles are needed in computer simulations. On the other hand, many different experimental methods have been successfully used to study the thermodynamics of these systems [2]. The fact that the different techniques complement each other has been particularly determinant in achieving the present stage of research.


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