Thirty Years of Nissen Procedure — Development of Fundoplication

  • M. E. Rossetti


In 1955 I was privileged to assist my teacher Rudolf Nissen at the first fundoplication operation in the history of reflux surgery. The operation was both a tactical and a technical revolution and introduced a completely new method in the operative management of reflux disease [5]. It was based on the experiences with esophagogastric anastomosis following resection of the cardia (Nissen in 1937): enveloping the distal esophagus in a fold of the fundal wall achieved good protection against the threat of insufficiency but against reflux as well. Since this first operation was carried out, more than 2000 operative cases have enlarged our experience; more than 2000 publications by clinically, surgically, and pathophysiologically interested researchers all over the world continue these methods of evaluation.


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