Radiological Examination of the Esophagus

  • J. Pringot
  • E. Ponette
Part of the Handbuch der inneren Medizin book series (INNEREN, volume 3)


If the radiological examination of the esophagus has been improved in recent years and has led to a more accurate diagnosis of esophageal diseases, this progress is due mainly to the use of improved equipment, i.e. the image intensifier and related techniques. Another important factor in this progress has been the cor relation of radiological, manometriC., endoscopic and anatomical observations, which has resulted in a better understanding of the functional phenomena and a more accurate interpretation of new and old X-ray images. Recent advances in diagnostic radiology of the esophagus have been reviewed by several authors (Wolf and Khilnani, 1966; Kramer, 1968; Kaufmann, 1969; Wolf, 1969; Pope, 1970).


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