The Supply of Minerals to Tropical Rivers and Lakes (Uganda)

  • A. B. Viner
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 10)


The quantitative chemical relationships between land and water in tropical Africa are as yet virtually unstudied. However, information about the general chemical composition of East African lakes (Tailing and Tailing, 1965, and the many references quoted by them; Beadle, 1932; Livingstone, 1963; Harding, 1963; Arad and Morton, 1969) and about dissolved nutrient limitations (e.g., Tailing, 1966; Moss, 1969; Viner, 1970; Horne and Viner, 1971; Ganf and Viner, 1972) make it reasonable to review some features of the land that influence these waters.


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