Collisional Kinetic Models of Multispecies Plasmas in Nonuniform Magnetic Fields

  • J. Killeen
  • G. D. Kerbel
  • M. G. McCoy
  • A. A. Mirin
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It is generally the case in magnetic fusion devices that the magnetic field is nonuniform, but varies weakly on the scale of the gyro-motion, the fastest nearly recurrent motion of the charged particles comprising the plasma. However, motion along the direction of the field inexorably carries the particle through finite variations of the field, and the environment in which the charged particle is immersed as it executes its motion may vary significantly with these field variations. It is often necessary to consider this nonuniformity in order to involve salient features distinctive of a particular device in phenomena in which they play a significant role.


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  • G. D. Kerbel
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  • M. G. McCoy
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  • A. A. Mirin
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