Current Concepts in Modern Chemistry

  • Guillermo González-Moraga


The aim of this book is to describe some relevant features of a branch of chemistry which deals with compounds made up of atomic conglomerates known as clusters. Although much of the knowledge about this kind of species has been developed only in the last 30 years it is apparent they are widely represented in the chemistry of a great number of elements. In most cases homonuclear clusters may be considered as a small fragment of an element constituting a nucleous stabilized as it occurs with the central atoms in mononuclear species. This new chemistry can be considered therefore as a bridge between traditional chemistry and that of the pure elements. This feature implies an attempt of applying already disposable concepts to the interpretation of the abundant experimental information on this new class of compounds. Since current concepts have been mostly elaborated separately for both limit cases, simple molecular species and infinite arrangements of the elements, the understanding of the fundaments of both existence and architecture of clusters is a very interesting but also difficult task.


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