Effect of Calcium Antagonists on Cerebral Blood Flow, Protein Synthesis, and Histopathology After Global Ischemia of Gerbil Brain

  • M. Kocher
  • Y. Xie
  • G. Brinker
  • E. Dux
  • K.-A. Hossmann
Conference paper


Under physiological conditions the intracellular concentration of free calcium (10−7 mol/l) is about four orders of magnitude lower than the concentration in the extracellular space (10−3 mol/l) [16]. If local cerebral flow is reduced to about 10 ml/100 g/min, neurons depolarize and extracellular calcium enters the cell across voltage-dependent channels [12]. The resulting calcium overload of the cytosol has been discussed as triggering a series of pathophysiological processes leading to the manifestation of ischemic neuronal injury [26].


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  • Y. Xie
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  • G. Brinker
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  • E. Dux
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  • K.-A. Hossmann
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