Seasonal Water Relations: Long-Term Water Balance

  • Clifford S. Crawford


Surely the most informative periods for studying water balance in any organism are either over its lifetime or throughout the year if it is a perennial species. Periods of such magnitude allow the dynamics of water flux within the organism and between it and its microenvironment to be appreciated, and when enough is known about both fluxes it should be possible to predict from measurements of the physical environment the hydration state of a particular species. Unfortunately, achievement of such a comprehensive picture is technically difficult. Obviously, it would be most desirable to monitor water fluxes as they actually occur in nature. This has been attempted using isotopes for a few desert arthropods (Bohm and Hadley, 1977; King and Hadley, 1979), but such an approach is still in its pioneering stages in its application to invertebrates.


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