Complications in Conventional and New Angioplasty Techniques

  • Martin Höher
  • V. Hombach
  • M. Kochs
  • W. Haerer
  • A. Schmidt
  • T. Eggeling
Conference paper


The purpose of this article is to review the success rates and complication rates of balloon angioplasty, the conventional angioplasty technique, and newer techniques such as laser, atherectomy, and radiofrequency angioplasty. The main problem of such an analysis is the inhomogeneity of the so-called new interventional techniques in terms of both technical principles (thermal angioplasty by laser or radiofrequency, photoablation, mechanical atherectomy) and stage of development (Table 1). With some of the new techniques such as the Simpson atherectomy device [68, 76] clinical studies of about 500 patients are available, allowing a preliminary comparison with balloon angioplasty; other techniques such as radiofrequency angioplasty [34] have been clinically performed only in small patient groups.


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