Effects of Motor Neuron Disorders on Feeding Behavior of Sturgeons, Inhabiting the Volga River

  • T. Evgenjeva
Conference paper


The locomotion and feeding behavior of sturgeons (Acipencer guldenstadti) was studied and facial muscles and olfactory barbels were examined using light and scanning electron microscopy. The barbels of the surgeon serve to provide a sense of smell in the search for food. In 18 (8 male, 10 female) sturgeons aged 8–19 years with clinical characteristics of skeletal muscle pathology caused by ecological pollution, the contraction and innervation of the facial muscle and barbels were examined. The results indicated degenerative changes in muscle associated with destruction of myofibrils. It was found that the innervation of the barbels was disturbed and the ability to search for food impaired. The movements of the barbels were much slower than those in healthy fish.

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  • T. Evgenjeva
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  1. 1.Institute of Evolutionary Animal Morphology and EcologyGUSMoscowRussia

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