Salvage Decompression of the Facial Nerve

  • L. Bignardi
  • C. Aimoni
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Ischemia and inflammation phenomena, as well as demyelinization of the nervous fibers, play an important role in the multifactorial etiology of the so-called idiopathic facial nerve paralysis (IP), either of viral or immune origin. Conventional therapies, which consist of vasodilatatives, cortisone, and more recently antivirals have not proved effective in changing the natural evolutionof facial paralysis. It is widely acknowledged that idiopathic palsy has a favorable evolution in most cases (84% according to Peitersen). It has also been suggested that surgical treatment based on accurate neurophysiological principles be used [2]. It is under discussion whether in cases of late facial paralysis functional recovery can be achieved through surgery, when neither a waiting conduct nor medical therapy has led to a noticeable real recovery of the nervous function.


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  • L. Bignardi
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  • C. Aimoni
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  1. 1.ENT ClinicUniversity of FerraraItaly

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