Facial Paralysis Induced by Tumors

  • J. P. Diard
  • M. Borsik
  • M. Wassef
  • G. Freyss
Conference paper


In the case of malignant tumors in the parotid area with facial paralysis, the classical treatment is resection of the facial nerve. The resection around the tumor must be as substantial as justified by the extent of the tumor “in order to obtain a sufficiently wide safety margin around the tumor” (Eneroth 1977 [3]).


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  • J. P. Diard
    • 1
  • M. Borsik
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  • M. Wassef
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  • G. Freyss
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  1. 1.Medical Aircrew Examination CenterArméesFrance
  2. 2.ENT DepartmentLariboisiere HospitalFrance
  3. 3.Pathological Anatomy DepartmentLariboisiere HospitalFrance

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