Stability of the Biosphere’s Organization

  • Victor G. Gorshkov


As demonstrated in the preceding chapter, stable life is only possible when individuals compete with each other within the population. Formation of populations and competitive interaction between the individuals within them is a genetically fixed trait of all living beings. However, when external fluxes of energy and nutrients, fit for inclusion into the feeding cycle, are available and are not used by existing life, noncompetitive decay individuals, expelled from the population, may start using them, thus decreasing the average level of organization of life. To prevent such a development, competitive normal individuals should expand, that is claim all the external fluxes of energy and nutrients regenerating their own copies. Noncompetitive individuals are then expelled from the available niches (that refers to both the individuals of the given species and also other species which use the same fluxes of energy and nutrients, i.e. occupy the same ecological niches).


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