Gingival Fibromatosis, Macaca mulatta

  • Morten Schiødt
  • Gary C. Armitage
  • Andrew A. Lackner
Part of the Monographs on Pathology of Laboratory Animals book series (LABORATORY)


Gingival fibromatosis is characterized by a firm enlargement of the marginal and alveolar gingiva, including the interdental papillae. The color of the enlarged gingiva is normal pink and the surface exhibits normal stippling (Fig. 34). The gingival enlargement is particularly pronounced in the anterior maxillary region, but any region may become affected. The moderate forms of gingival fibromatosis are associated with formation of pseudo-pockets between the teeth and the enlarged tissue, whereas the most extensive forms can result in submersion of the teeth.


Fibrous gingival hyperplasia gingival overgrowth fibrous hyperplasia of the gingiva 


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  • Morten Schiødt
  • Gary C. Armitage
  • Andrew A. Lackner

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