Diagnosis of Radiation-Pneumonitis

  • G. Sigmund
  • J. Slanina
  • W. Hinkelbein
Part of the Recent Results in Cancer Research book series (RECENTCANCER, volume 130)


The pulmonary radioreaction is an interstitial pulmonary inflammation, so-called pneumonitis, which to a certain degree has an intraalveolar exudative component. If the threshold of potential complete restitution is crossed, the pneumonitis will develop into pulmonary fibrosis (a scar) as a permanent residual (Gross 1977; Slanina et al. 1977; Westcott and Cole 1986; White 1975).


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  • J. Slanina
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  • W. Hinkelbein
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Diagnostic RadiologyUniversity of FreiburgFreiburg i. Br.Fed. Rep. of Germany
  2. 2.Department of Radiotherapy, Radiologic ClinicUniversity of FreiburgFreiburg i. Br.Fed. Rep. of Germany

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