Perspectives of Low-Dimensional Semiconductor Heterostructures

  • C. Weisbuch
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Quantum heterostructures have witnessed an unending string of major/revolutionary advances at a rate which does not show any sign of slowing down (Table I)since the explosion of the field in the early eighties, due to the appearance of two highly useful devices, the quantum well laser and the HEMT/TEGFET/MODFET/SDHT electron devices1. A very remarkable feature of the brief history of the field is that breakthroughs have been quite often due to unforeseen effects, which might evidence that the field is still in infancy, despite the unprecedented worldwide effort : a rough estimate gives ≈ 4000 articles per year under the headings Interfaces/Heterostructures... in databanks We will try in the following to give an (personal) overview of where we stand now and what are some of the obvious challenges that we are now facing.


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