Combined Intraoperative Thermoradiotherapy for Abdominal Malignancies: The Dartmouth Experience

  • T. A. Colacchio
  • T. P. Ryan
  • C. T. Coughlin
  • E. B. Douple
  • J. W. Strohbehn
Part of the Medical Radiology book series (MEDRAD)


Despite the advances in surgical resection and adjuvant treatment modalities, local recurrence continues to be a significant management problem with intra-abdominal malignancies, in particular for locally advanced colorectal and pancreatic malignancies. The preliminary results for the use of extended surgical resection, external beam radiotherapy, and intraoperative radiotherapy (Shipley etal. 1984; Roldan et al. 1988; Gunderson et al. 1987, 1988; Tuckson et al. 1988; Abe et al. 1987; Hoekstra et al. 1988; Sindelar et al. 1988; Gold-son 1981; Tepper et al. 1986) for the control of local disease recurrence in colorectal and pancreatic cancers demonstrate that lack of local control continues to be the major cause for failure of this combined modality approach. As a result, it is reasonable to investigate the use of hyperthermia in conjunction with these other modalities in the management of these tumors. Certainly for superficial tumors, clinical studies have shown improved results for combined hyperthermia with radiation therapy when compared with radiation therapy alone (Overgaard1985).


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