Application of the Resonance Scattering Theory to Problems of Acoustic Wave Scattering by Elastic Spheres

  • Naum D. Veksler
  • Herbert Überall
Part of the Springer Series on Wave Phenomena book series (SSWAV, volume 11)


An elastic body of spherical shape is the only one of all three-dimensional objects for which the exact solution of acoustic wave scattering can be obtained. Therefore, the problem of scattering from an elastic sphere has attracted the attention of investigators for a long time. The pioneering work by Faran [3.1] and Hickling [3.2–5] was followed by an impetuous stream of publications in which different, but very important, aspects of this problem were analyzed. The main attention was paid to the investigation of the form function and time dependence of the scattered acoustic pressure. The identification of the elastic body using information hidden in the scattered field was one of the ultimate aims.


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  • Naum D. Veksler
    • 1
  • Herbert Überall
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  2. 2.Department of PhysicsCatholic University of AmericaWashingtonUSA

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