Liver Tumours

  • M. Kasai
  • I. Watanabe
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Tumours of the liver are comparatively rare in infancy and childhood, as epithelial tumours are much less common in this age group than in adults [1, 2]. The paediatric tumours registered in Japan for the 10 years from 1974 through 1983 [3] included 299 cases of malignant liver tumours, which accounted for 2.15% of all paediatric malignant tumours including leukemias. This number was about one-quarter that of neuroblastomas, one-half that of Wilms’ tumours and almost the same that of rhabdomyosarcoma. It is commonly accepted that the prognosis in children undergoing hepatic resection for liver cell carcinoma is much more favourable than that in adults [4–6]. The good results are due chiefly to the fact that about 40% of malignant liver tumours in this age group are hepatoblastomas of fetal type, the malignancy of which is relatively low [7, 8].


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