Structural Superplasticity of Steels

  • Oscar A. Kaibyshev


The ductility of steels can be increased dramatically by transforming them into the superplastic state. Due to polymorphic transformations in iron and a strong dependence of the microstructure and phase constitution of these alloys on the quantity of the alloying elements, additional possibilities for the refinement and stabilization of the microstructure arise. In the temperature range 0.4–0.7 T m (which is characteristic of SP-deformation) in steels it is possible to obtain: (i) a matrix-type microstructure based on the α- or γ-phases and carbides (inter-metallics); (ii) a microduplex-type structure based on the α- and γ-phases; (iii) a mixture of the α- and γ-phases and carbides (intermetallics). A second phase stabilizes the microstructure and promotes SP flow. To analyze the conditions required for SP flow in various phase fields, it is most convenient to start with the iron-carbon alloys. Chemical compositions of the iron-based alloys which will be discussed and parameters of SP deformation are given in Table 7.1.


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