Palinspastic Reconstruction of the Pre-Triassic Basement Units in the Alps: The Central Alps

  • O. Adrian Pfiffner


Inversion of the displacement associated with Mesozoic rifting and Mesozoic-Cenozoic collision was performed to obtain a palaeogeographic map showing the pre-Triassic configuration of basement blocks containing rocks of the Variscan cycle. Late Variscan granites are volumetrically less important in the Alps compared to the Black Forest-Vosges areas. They are palaeogeographically arranged in three EW-trending belts which are some 50–100 km wide and extend over distances of 200–300 km. Parallel to these granite belts Permo-carboniferous volcaniclastic sequences were originally deposited in narrow furrows which can in part be identified as post-Variscan graben structures.


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