The Radiative Properties of Soot Agglomerates

  • P. A. Bonczyk
  • R. J. Hall
Conference paper
Part of the EUROTHERM Seminars book series (EUROTHERM, volume 17)


Soot particle sizing and density measurement by laser light scattering has been reformulated to take into account non-spherical shape effects. By assuming a morphology consisting of chains of monomer spheroids, and the concepts of fractal theory, it has been possible to set up extinction and multiangle scattering measurements which make it possible to determine the structural parameters of such clusters. This permits more realistic calculations of soot radiative properties, and puts soot sizing/density measurements on a better basis. Experiments performed in an ethylene-air slot burner yield credible cluster parameters using this approach.


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  • P. A. Bonczyk
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  • R. J. Hall
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