Advanced Communication Technology and OSI Oriented Academic Network TAINS

  • S. Noguchi
Part of the Lecture Notes in Engineering book series (LNENG, volume 69)


Recognizing the profound impact of communication technology on the progress of human civilisation, a major thrust in research and development in this area is being made all over the globe. In this paper, glimpses of the rapid strides that are are being made in this direction, in Japan, are presented. In the first part the various technological developments, such as VLSI, optical devices & communication, computer systems, ISDN etc., which have a direct or indirect bearing on communication technology is reported. In the second part a pioneering step in the direction of a futuristic information exchange network — an OSI oriented large scale academic network- TAINS, which utilizes the advanced communication technology and concepts, is described.


Local Area Network Coaxial Cable High Electron Mobility Transistor Intelligent Interface Image Data Processing 
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