Precision Aspheric Generators for Off-axis X-ray Mirrors and Asymmetric Aspheric Lenses

  • Shigeo Moriyama
Conference paper


This paper describes two types of newly developed precision aspheric generators. One is a fly cutting type machine for fabricating off-axis X-Ray metal mirrors. While the cutting spindle is rotating, the cutting depth can be dynamically controlled according to programmed data synchronized with the current rotation angle of the spindle. A figure accuracy of 0. 1 μ m and a surface roughness of 0.03 μ m Rmax are achieved. Aspheric mirrors fabricated using this machine were built in an X-ray microscope, and demonstrated a 2 μ m resolution. The other newly developed aspheric generator is for fabricating nonaxissymmetric aspheric glass lenses used in laser beam printers. Pairs of glass blanks are set around a turntable which rotates at about 4 rpm. The surfaces of the blanks are machined with a grinding wheel, where the grinding depth is dynamically controlled. The typical machining time for a lens is 30 minutes. A figure accuracy of 0. 2 μ m and a surface roughness of 0.05 μ m Rmax are achieved.


Torque Flange Grinding 


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  • Shigeo Moriyama
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  1. 1.Central Research LaboratoryHitachi Ltd.Kokubunji, Tokyo 185Japan

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