Late Results after ACL Reconstruction with an Autologous Free Patellar Tendon Graft

  • W. Hackenbruch
  • W. Hey
  • H. R. Henche


Replacement of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) with an autologous graft has become an established procedure in the management of chronic anterior knee instability. While clinical follow-up studies have confirmed good subjective and objective early results, little has been published to date on long-term results. It remains to be determined whether a good short-term result in a given patient also implies a good long-term outcome. In theory, there are 2 reasons why a primarily stable joint may become secondarily unstable:

  • Excessive loading of the graft due to decompensation of the peripheral restraints

  • Graft insufficiency based on a deficient blood supply or lack of collagen restructuring


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  • W. Hackenbruch
  • W. Hey
  • H. R. Henche

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