High Performance Titanium Plate Fin Heat Exchanger Using a Novel Manufacturing Process

  • C. I. Adderley
  • J. O. Fowler
Conference paper
Part of the EUROTHERM Seminars book series (EUROTHERM, volume 18)


There is increasing interest in compact forms of heat exchange equipment. In the offshore industry, for example, there is an obvious incentive to reduce both the weight and the volume of topsides plant. Onshore, weight is generally less important but volume is often the main factor in installation costs. The plate fin heat exchanger (PFHE) is a compact form which offers significant advantages over shell and tube exchangers in terms of weight, volume and thermal effectiveness. It also has a multistream capability; a single unit can therefore replace several shell and tube exchangers adding further to its attractiveness.


Titanium Nickel Methane 


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  • C. I. Adderley
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  • J. O. Fowler
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  1. 1.Rolls-Royce and Associates LimitedUK
  2. 2.Rolls-Royce plcUK

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