Testis and Scrotum

  • Kyoung Sik Cho
  • Barbara Hsu
  • Robert F. Mattrey
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Cross-sectional imaging modalities have greatly improved the diagnosis of scrotal disease. In the clinical evaluation of scrotal abnormalities, physical examination may be difficult and inadequate because of severe pain, tenderness, swelling, and marked distortion of the inner contents of the scrotum. Currently, high-resolution ultrasonography is the imaging modality of choice because of its excellent depiction of scrotal anatomy, low cost, short examination time, and lack of ionizing radiation (Leopold et al. 1979; Carroll and Gross 1983; Hricak and Filly 1983; Krone and Carroll 1985; Benson et al. 1989; O’Mara and Rifkin 1991). Color Doppler has added both anatomic and functional details relevant to the evaluation of the testis and its surrounding structures (Middleton and Melson 1989; Burks et al. 1990; Krieger et al. 1990; Lerner et al. 1990; Middleton et al. 1990; Horstman et al. 1991a,b).


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