The Frequency-Dependent Deformation of the Hall Plateaus

  • O. Viehweger
  • K. B. Efetov
Conference paper
Part of the Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences book series (SSSOL, volume 101)


We calculate the Hall conductivity in the low frequency limit for a 2d model of independent electrons in the tails of the density of states between the disorder broadened Landau levels. It is shown that there are corrections to the quantized values of σ yx which are proportional to ω2 and to the number of localized states in a given tail of the band. We relate our theoretical results to microwave experiments on GaAs-AlGaAs heterostructures.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • O. Viehweger
    • 1
  • K. B. Efetov
    • 1
  1. 1.Max-Planck-Institut für FestkörperforschungStuttgart 80Germany

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