On Optimal Structures in Engineering

  • P. Knödel
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Engineering book series (LNENG, volume 63)


In many applications of structural engineering, the designer wishes to achieve an ‘optimal’ structure. ’Optimal’ is then spoken about in terms like ’minimum weight with maximum performance’ or ’minimum costs with maximum performance’. The first and most strict of those demands defines light-weight structures, like they are being used in the air- and spacecraft engineering, where things have to be airbourne and money does (almost) not matter. The second of those demands defines light-weight structures of structural engineering (tanks and silos, trussed roofs, profiled sheeting), where things should not move after site-erection and money matters a lot.


Residual Stress Compressive Residual Stress Fillet Weld Tural Behaviour Positive Gaussian Curvature 
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