The Treatment of Fractures

Theoretical Considerations, Experimental Studies, and Clinical Applications of the Apparatus
  • Gavriil A. Ilizarov


The history of osteosynthesis suggests that, for many years, the methods used for the treatment of fractures did not provide the optimum mechanical and biological environment for osseous union. Indeed, our investigations have demonstrated that the usual techniques of osteosynthesis do not fully utilize the capacity of bone and soft tissues to improve the results and reduce treatment time. Our method of transosseous osteosynthesis, when combined with the application of our external fixator, meets the requirements for an optimum outcome.


Osteoporosis Pneumonia Radionuclide Pyrophosphate Corti 


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  • Gavriil A. Ilizarov
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  1. 1.Scientific Center of Reconstructive Orthopaedics and TraumatologyKurganUSSR

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