Object-Oriented Database Systems: The Notion and the Issues

  • Klaus R. Dittrich
Part of the Topics in Information Systems book series (TINF)


Since half a decade or so, object-oriented database systems have become an extremely hot topic of database research and development. At many places all over the world, people work on individual aspects or complete system prototypes. Already, some systems have even reached the marketplace. However, the notion of “object-orientation” in the context of database systems is unfortunately still widely unclear and means different things to different people. This paper tries to bring some clarification to this terminological problem by promoting a definition that recently has been put together by a number of researchers from six different “schools”. Afterwards, it establishes a classifications of approaches that do not (yet) meet all criteria requested by this ideal definition, but are in one way or the other close to it. Finally, a number of issues are given that need special consideration in the context of object-oriented database systems.


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