External Stereotactic Focal Irradiation of Arteriovenous Malformations by a Routinely Used Linear Accelerator

  • Hans-Bruno Makoski
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The biological difference in radiosensitivity of cells within and outside the target volume plays an important part in radiotherapy, especially in malignant tumors. Fractionated doses are needed for the recovery of normal tissue. If the dose gradient is very steep at the edge of the target volume, a single dose sufficient to cause cell death may be given: radiosurgery. Stereotactic radiosurgery implies the application of well-collimated beams of ionizing radiation. It is of especial interest in the head for the treatment of malignant tumors or metastases (Sturm et al. 1987) or pituitary adenomas or vascular disorders like carotid-cavernous fistulas (Yasunaga et al. 1987) and arteriovenous malformations (Steiner et al. 1974, 1977).


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