Structure and Function of the Female Accessory Reproductive Systems

  • M. S. Kaulenas
Part of the Zoophysiology book series (ZOOPHYSIOLOGY, volume 31)


Various aspects of insect oogenesis have been the subjects of a number of reviews (e.g., Mahowald 1972b; Dorn 1977; King and Büning 1985). The aim of this Chapter is not to examine the phenomena or factors that are concerned with oocyte differentiation and are mediated by the oocyte itself, but rather to look at the role of various adjunct cells and structures that contribute to the full development of the oocyte. The discussion will center on the functions of the follicle cells and the various types of trophic cells associated with oocytes. In order to facilitate this, a brief overview of the types of ovary structure encountered in insects is necessary.


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