Screening for Breast Cancer with Mammography in Bohuslän County, Sweden

  • H. Regnér
Part of the Recent Results in Cancer Research book series (RECENTCANCER, volume 119)


After Tábár et al. (1985a, b) published the results of the Kopparbergs and Östergotland county investigation with mammography screening in Lancet and in Läkartidningen in the spring of 1985, there was increased political interest in Sweden in starting screening by means of mammography. Politicians in Bohuslan County asked the radiologists at the hospitals in Uddevalla and Molndal whether they could add a mammographic screening project to their ordinary tasks. However, at that time, screening efforts in Sweden were hampered by a lack of qualified personnel, and the radiologists had to refuse because of too great a workload. The politicians then asked whether I, being a private practitioner at the Goteborg Medical Service Center, could assist. After considering the special circumstances in Bohuslan I decided to accept the challenge.


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  1. Tabár L, Gad A et al. (1985b) Minskad mortalitet i brostcancer genom halsokontroll med mammografi. Lakartidningen 82: 17Google Scholar

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