Construction of Inverse Data in Multidimensions

  • Zhuhan Jiang
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The Inverse Scattering Transforms (ISTs) are among the main topics of this 5th workshop on NEEDS. Many participants have made their contributions on this subject [1]. After the first appearance of a \(\bar{\partial }\) method [2,3] in multidimensions, there are now a number of literatures in this connection. Since the review on ISTs [1] by other participants are already very comprehensive, we will only note that a general construction of inverse data are now present [4] for operator Q≡ P(∂1,...,∂M) — X(u,∂,...,∂M), polynomial in all arguments, as long as the Green function has no singularities other than jumps. However, extra cares are needed for some particular equations concerning discrete scattering data [5,6]. In this note, we only use a simple but general enough case to exemplify the procedure [4] of constructing inverse (scattering) data for multidimensional scattering operators, since a most general approach would have to go beyond the allowed length.


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