Analysis of Monoterpene Hydrocarbons in the Atmosphere

  • Y. Yokouchi
Part of the Modern Methods of Plant Analysis book series (MOLMETHPLANT, volume 12)


Monoterpenes as well as isoprene are important biogenic organics in the atmosphere. Monoterpenes are mainly emitted from coniferous trees, and are often responsible for the aroma of forest air, while isoprene is dominantly emitted from deciduous trees. Since they are chemically reactive, the concern about their role in atmospheric chemistry has prompted several investigations to determine their ambient air concentrations (Rasmussen and Went 1965; Holdren et al. 1979; Yokouchi et al. 1981b, 1983; Roberts et al. 1983b, 1985; Riba et al. 1987; Yokouchi and Ambe 1988).


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