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Molecular Analysis of Rice Genes and Methods for Gene Transfer

  • M. Rothenberg
  • R. Wu
Part of the Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry book series (AGRICULTURE, volume 14)


Plant breeding methods are commonly used to increase rice production. Genetic diversity has been introduced into cultivars through crosses with rice varieties containing novel genotypes and possessing valuable phenotypic traits. In conjunction with selection for desirable traits, superior rice plants can be produced. Characteristics which would benefit rice cultivars include tolerance to environmental stresses and resistance to disease and insects. It is hoped that in the future, molecular biology and genetic engineering techniques will also contribute to improving cultivated rice. For these reasons our research has centered on (1) analyzing the expression and organization of rice nuclear and organellar genes and (2) developing methods for transformation and regeneration of rice plants. Discussed below are a number of recent advances in rice molecular biology, some of which may be applicable to crop improvement.


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