Phases of the Systems A-La-Ca-Cu-O and A-Y-Ca-Cu-O (A = Ca, Sr, Ba): Structural Aspects

  • Bernard Raveau
  • Claude Michel
  • Maryvonne Hervieu
  • Daniel Groult
Part of the Springer Series in Materials Science book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 15)


Consideration of the relationships between the crystal chemistry of the oxides and their electron transport properties suggests that the metal atoms M that contribute to the framework of MOn polyhedra should exhibit a mixed valence in order to obtain metallic or semimetallic conductivity. This concept is of central importance in the search for new materials with such physical properties. It leads to the conclusion that the metal atom M should present at least two oxidation states simultaneously in the same compound, and thus should be a transition metal. This is indeed the case for oxides involving Ti(III)/Ti(IV) or W(VI)/W(V) or V(V)/V(IV), which are called oxygen bronzes. The case of copper is exceptional due to the fact that the two oxidation states present are Cu(II) and Cu(I), and that Cu(I) implies a localization of the electron on the atom, which would not lead to any metallic behavior. The possibility of generating copper oxides with metallic properties was considered in Caen as early as 1979 on the basis of a mixed valence Cu(II)/Cu(III). Nevertheless, such an idea appeared at that time difficult to implement easily, since the only Cu(III) oxide which was known was the perovskite LaCuO3, which had been synthesized only under a high oxygen pressure of about 60 kbar in Bordeaux. Here we describe first the main features governing the chemistry of copper in the oxides that determined the choice of systems in the search for new phases with anisotropic metallic


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