Benign Neurogenic Tumors

  • Jean-Noël Bruneton


Neurogenic tumors of the gastrointestinal tract are rare pathologic entities. Four types with variable frequencies have been identified. The two most common are the schwannoma, which is usually solitary and always encapsulated and the neurofibroma, which commonly occurs as multiple lesions in von Recklinghausen’s disease. Their frequency is undoubtedly overestimated because of problems for histologic differential diagnosis of large lesions from leiomyoma, which is much more common (Wood 1967). Nevertheless, these two neurogenic tumors merit consideration together as far as imaging is concerned because they have no specific differential features. The third form, ganglioneuroma, is exceptional (Wood 1967). The last type, granular cell tumor, has also been referred to as granular cell myoblastoma, an inexact term dating back to when this lesion was thought to derive from muscle. Histochemical studies have since demonstrated the neural origin of this tumor (Aparicio and Lumdsen 1969; Fischer and Wechsler 1962; Lack et al. 1980; Stefansson and Wollmann 1982), which is described in the end of this chapter, after solitary gastric and intestinal neurogenic tumors. Esophageal and colorectal lesions are exceptional.


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