The Reconstructive Surgery of the Penis: Principles and Perspectives in Computer-assisted Simulation Models

  • G. Tritto
Conference paper
Part of the Verhandlungsbericht der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Urologie book series (VBDGUROLOGIE, volume 40)


The realization of (bio)-prosthesis and of bioengineering models of human organs represents the new frontier in the field of reconstructive surgery and urology. The successful application of these prosthesis and the transposition of autologous free tissue transplantations are sustained by the realization of computer-assisted simulation models of human organs, in order to reproduce the normal anatomo-functional behaviour. The (re)shaping and consequently the functional (re)working of an organ are obtained through a substitution process based on transplants and transplantations or on implants. On these bases a new generalized approach is introduced in order to study the (re)shaping and the functional (re)working of the penis submitted to plastic reconstructive procedures.


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  • G. Tritto
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  1. 1.Gentilly-ParisFrance

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