The Production and Selection of Memory B Cells in Follicles

  • I. C. M. MacLennan
  • Y.-J. Liu
  • D. E. Joshua
  • D. Gray


The recruitment of virgin B cells into responses to T cell-dependent antigens has been found to be restricted to periods immediately following antigen administration. The established phase of these responses, on the other hand, is maintained by activation of persistent memory B cell clones (Gray et al. 1986, MacLennan and Gray 1986). Memory B cell clones which come to dominate T cell-dependent responses appear to be able to survive throughout the life of mice and rats (Askonas et al. 1970, Gray et al. 1986). They can be transferred to syngeneic or congenic hosts where they again can dominate responses to the same antigen. Following transfer it is necessary to administer antigen to the recipient to initiate antibody production (Askonas and Williamson 1972, Siekevitz et al. 1987). Also, although transferred B cell memory will persist in the absence of antigen for a little over a month, after this period a response from the donor cells can no longer be elicited (Gray and Skarvall 1988).


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  • I. C. M. MacLennan
  • Y.-J. Liu
  • D. E. Joshua
  • D. Gray

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