Characterization of the Secondary Antibody Response Using Purified Memory B and T Cells

  • K. Hayakawa
  • R. R. Hardy


Multicolor immunofluorescence analysis of antigen binding cells allows us to detect and purify memory B cells in a highly specific manner. We use the fluorescent protein PE (phycoerythrin) as an antigen in order to reveal antigen binding cells (PE+++) (Hayakawa, 1987) and simultaneously permit analysis of the expression of other cell surface molecules. In addition, we can resolve a memory T cell subset which provides help for antibody secretion in the secondary response from the total CD4+ T cell population by expression of particular determinants (Hayakawa, 1988). Using this approach, we find that the secondary antibody response by long-term memory B and T cells can be uniquely characterized as follows.


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  • K. Hayakawa
  • R. R. Hardy

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