From Marker Antigens for T Lymphocyte Subsets to Molecules that Regulate Cell Activation

  • A. F. Williams
  • A. D. Beyers


Determinants of the CD4, CD8 and CD45 antigens provide markers that distinguish subsets of T lymphocytes. In each case these antigens were identified at early stages in the development of different technical approaches to the analysis of the lymphocyte cell surface. Then the definition of T cell subsets became the focus of interest to be followed by structural analysis of the antigens. Most recently the structural studies have led to new functional insights and these antigens can now be grouped together as molecules that appear to regulate the state of phosphorylation of tyrosine residues in cytoplasmic domains of receptors involved in signal transduction. Given that tyrosine phosphorylation plays a key role in the activation cascade, the subset markers are likely to be important regulatory molecules in cell activation.


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