Rapamycin: A New and Highly Active Immunosuppressive Macrolide with an Efficacy Superior to Cyclosporine

  • B. M. Meiser
  • J. Wang
  • R. E. Morris


In 1975, as part of a program at Ayerst Research Laboratories in Montreal to screen for non-polyene antifungal antibiotics, Dr Sehgal’s group (Sehgal 1975) discovered that a fermentation product of the fungus Streptomyces hygroscopicus inhibited Candida albicans and dermatophytes (Vézina 1975; Baker 1978; Singh 1979). The active anti-fungal principle was isolated and determined to be a novel 31-membered macrolide lactone with a FW of 914.2 and the molecular formula C51H79NO13 (Swindells 1978). The antibiotic was named rapamycin (RPM) since the streptomycete had been isolated from a soil sample collected during an expedition of caves on Easter Island (Rapa nui).


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  • B. M. Meiser
  • J. Wang
  • R. E. Morris

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