Fibroma, Dermis and Subcutis, Rat

  • Laura Hart-Elcock
  • Stephen G. Lake
  • Robert E. Mueller
  • Barry P. Stuart
Part of the Monographs on Pathology of Laboratory Animals book series (LABORATORY)


Fibromas are described as well-circumscribed, firm, grayish-white, dermal or subcutaneous masses with a whorled appearance on cut section. They are usually focal, flat or raised masses and can vary from less than 1 cm to several centimeters in size. Some of the fibromas may become ulcerated and/or infected. They are usually mobile in relation to the epidermis and underlying tissue. Fibromas and fibrosarcomas can occur within the same animal (Bogovski 1979; Greaves and Faccini 1984; Stannard and Pulley 1978; Zackheim 1973).


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  • Laura Hart-Elcock
  • Stephen G. Lake
  • Robert E. Mueller
  • Barry P. Stuart

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