Colon Cancer

  • Mohammed Mohiuddin
  • Lydia Komarnicky
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The annual incidence of new cancer cases in the United States is 930000, with large bowel cancer accounting for 45000 new cases in males, and 53000 in females. The annual estimated number of deaths from colon cancer is 51000 (24800 male, 27000 female) (SILVERBERG etal. 1986). There has been an increase in the incidence of cancer of the colon over the past several decades. In 1947 the age adjusted incidence rates were 25.1/100000 in males and 26.8/100000 for females; in 1973-77 the incidence was 36.9/100000 in males and 31.3/100000 in females. At the same time there has been a decline in the incidence of carcinoma of the rectum (DEVESA and SILVERMAN 1978). Over the age of 50, the incidence of large bowel cancer rises dramatically. In the 80-year age group, the male to female ratio is approximately 2.5 to 1. The incidence in the United States for colon cancer is higher than in most other countries (Devesa and Silverman 1978). In Japan, colon cancer is rarely seen, but the incidence rises sharply in immigrants from Japan, especially those people who change their dietary habits to those of the United States population (Haenszel and Kuri- hara 1968). Several clinical studies (Armstrong and Doll 1985; Reddy 1978; Sherlock 1986) in- dicate that environmental factors and diet are very important in the development of colon cancer.


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