Charged particle spectra in 16O induced nuclear collisions at the CERN SPS

  • I. Lund
  • WA 80 Collaboration
Conference paper


Charged particle multiplicity distributions and pseudo-rapidity density distributions from 16O induced nuclear collisions at 200 and 60 A GeV are presented. The data were taken, using a minimum-bias trigger, with the WA80 set-up at the CERN SPS. In this presentation we focus on how the yield of charged particles depends on the projectile energy, the mass number of the target nucleus and the energy measured in a uranium-plastic sampling calorimeter covering angles close to zero degrees. The data are compared to simulations from the event generator FRITIOF.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • I. Lund
    • 1
  • WA 80 Collaboration
  1. 1.GSIDarmstadtFederal Republic of Germany

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