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  • A. Boyde
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The enamel which we consider in this chapter is the hard, white, external covering of human teeth. We shall also make considerable reference to the same tissue in the teeth of other mammals, which is distinguished from analogous coatings on teleost, chondrichthyan, reptilian and amphibian teeth by its division into microscopic units, roughly corresponding to the size of its secretory cells, called prisms. At least, that has been accepted as “a fact” until recently, but recent reports have described prisms in reptilian enamel (Cooper and Poole 1973; Sahni 1984; Dauphin 1987 a, b; see also Poole 1956). Not all mammals have enamel. The order Edentata is distinguished by having none, and not all of mammalian enamel is white. Parts of the most superficial enamel are pigmented red by ferric iron in rodent incisors and shrew molars (Boyde et al. 1961).


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