HLA in Narcolepsy in France

  • M. Billiard
  • J. Seignalet
  • H. Betuel
  • A. Marcadet
  • L. Gebuhrel
  • A. C. Freidel
  • C. Confavreux
  • A. Besset
  • J. Cadilhac


The genetic aspect of narcolepsy in man has long been considered, with the first report of a positive family history of narcolepsy made by Westphal (1877) even before the term “narcolepsy” was coined by Gelineau (1880). Since then a number of series have been published showing variable rates of probands with a positive family history of narcolepsy and suggesting either an autosomal dominant mode of inheritance with incomplete penetrance (Krabbe and Magnussen 1942; Daly and Yoss 1959; Baraitser and Parkes 1978) or a two-threshold multifactorial system (Nevsimalova-Bruhova and Roth 1972; Kessler 1976; Honda et al. 1983 a).


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  • M. Billiard
  • J. Seignalet
  • H. Betuel
  • A. Marcadet
  • L. Gebuhrel
  • A. C. Freidel
  • C. Confavreux
  • A. Besset
  • J. Cadilhac

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