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Analytical Methods for Gelation of Soybean Proteins

  • T. Nakamura
Part of the Molecular Methods of Plant Analysis book series (MOLMETHPLANT, volume 10)


Soybeans are used for various traditional Japanese foods such as tofu, yuba, miso and syoyu. Recently, however, soybean protein products have also found application as ingredients for the manufacture of fabricated and processed foods due to their excellent functional properties and nutritional value. The gel-forming ability of soybean proteins induced by heating is one of their most significant functional properties with respect to their use in food preparation. The behaviour of soybean proteins during gel formation, their chemical and structural properties responsible for gelling ability and physical properties of the gels formed are important matters that should be elucidated. The clarification of these points will facilitate the control of the gel formation process and gel properties, thus enhancing the scope of soybean protein application to foods.


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